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005: Planning your Baby Shower


Baby shower planning tips

One of the most exciting things to plan for while awaiting the birth of your baby is your baby shower. They are a great way for friends and family to gather and celebrate the birth of your baby. Mine is one of my happiest memories, and I want yours to be too. To help make sure your shower is a beautiful experience, I have prepared some quick tips to make the process of planning your baby shower a remarkable one. Below are some guidelines you should follow:

1. Create a Registry: Creating a registry is a great way to list the items you like so that your guests can pick a gift from your favorite things. You should pick 2 or more stores so that your guests can have more flexibility in choosing where they will go to get your gift. Among popular registries are Amazon and Babies R Us. They both offer online services so they are great for guests who live far away and may want to send you something through the mail. I personally prefer Amazon’s Baby Registry because of the great variety, availability and fast shipping for all their products.

2. Pick a Location and a Theme: Baby showers can be simple or intricate. You can choose someone’s home (eg. living room or other open space) to have the baby shower or you can rent a room in a community center or in a restaurant. You can serve your guests finger foods or have a sit down brunch/lunch for them. Your choices vary depending on how much money you are willing to spend. After you have your location, you can pick a theme to your shower and this will encompass your decorations, centerpieces for the table, cake and favors.

3. The Necessities: Among the most needed items are the crib, the crib bedding and a bassinet or co-sleeper. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper® brand Mini Co-Sleeper® Bassinet – Natural is a great item that should probably be on every mom’s registry that plans to have the baby’s crib in a separate room and needs a co-sleeper for the first few months. Here is the list of the most needed items with links to my favorites:

4. Other Items: Other things you can ask for are books for the baby instead of cards, smaller items for a wishing well, clothing for baby, a medical or grooming kit, baby wipes, safety items/gates, baby toiletries such as baby shampoo, soaps, diaper rash ointment and music for baby.

5. Baby Shower Games: Baby shower games can be a fun way to make your guests unwind and have fun. Games can include guessing games such as guessing random facts about you/baby or can be simple like baby bingo for baby items. There are various silly games like making the best baby out of clay, guessing the baby food with a blindfold on or collecting baby pictures of the guests and having everyone guess which picture belongs to who.

6. Shower Favors: The baby shower favor can vary depending on what you pick. You can choose to have something simple like a baby bottle filled with candy with a personalized ribbon. Other popular favors include chocolate or candy lollipops, single serve cupcakes and personalized items such as chapstick, hand sanitizers or candles. Whatever you pick make sure its affordable and you are happy with the design.

Whatever you decide to do for your shower, make sure its fun and memorable. You will always remember it and the great gifts you receive will carry into the first few years of your baby’s life. Have fun and happy planning!

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